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Skydiving Gear Suppliers in South Africa

Skydiving gear suppliers are important when you want to buy new or used skydiving equipment for sale in South Africa. No one wants to jump out of a plane and have their equipment malfunction. The skydiving gear you can buy includes Skydiving Parachutes Skydiving Helmets … [Read More...]

Indoor Skydiving and Vertical Wind Tunnels

Indoor skydiving and vertical wind tunnels offer you the same experience of skydiving without actually jumping out of an airplane. This is fantastic for those of you and myself included who would love to skydive. But do not think that they could actually jump out of a moving plane so high … [Read More...]

Parachutes For Sale in South Africa

Parachutes for sale in South Africa offer buyers the chance to open up their horizons to the world of skydiving. In South Africa there are number of beautiful destinations where the ordinary person would only be able to enjoy it from the ground. However for those select few who can pay the … [Read More...]

SA Skydiving Clubs

Imagine leaving yourself to the mercy of gravity as it hurtles you back down where you belong, sailing through the sky with SA skydiving clubs. In South Africa, there are a number of great locations to fuel your adrenalin addiction and provide you with an experience never to be forgotten … [Read More...]

What Skydiving Clubs in Cape Town Exist?

If you have never sky dived before you should definitely consider taking it up as it is a wonderful sport that makes many people very happy. By joining a sky diving club you will not only be gaining a new sport, you will also be giving yourself the opportunity to make some new … [Read More...]

Tandem Skydiving

If you are a thrill seeker looking for a new adventure but are do not have the time to commit to learning to skydive solo then why not try tandem skydiving. This involves jumping out of the plane with a skydiving instructor strapped to your back so that you can enjoy the free fall down to … [Read More...]