What Skydiving Clubs in Cape Town Exist?

If you have never sky dived before you should definitely consider taking it up as it is a wonderful sport that makes many people very happy. By joining a sky diving club you will not only be gaining a new sport, you will also be giving yourself the opportunity to make some new friends.


What is sky diving?

Sky diving is where an individual goes up in a plane to a great height and then jumps out with a parachute attached to their harness. They will then free fall for a period before pulling a cord, opening the parachute and gliding slowly down to the ground.

Usually, when someone starts sky diving, they will do a theory course that will take a few hours. A skydiver jumping from a planeThis will enable them to fully understand what to do in any situation and how to react if there is any danger. Usually, the first few sky dives will take place in tandem with an experienced and professional sky diver.

You will be strapped to the professional sky diver and then you will be completely safe and taken care of for the entire sky dive. If you wish to become a professional sky diver you will have to take several training courses in order to certify yourself.


Why sky dive in Cape Town?

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and attracts many, many tourists every year. The weather is amazing for most of the year, particularly in summer and the city itself is gorgeous, clean and vibey. The sea is crystal clear and the white sandy beaches are absolutely gorgeous. The mountain ranges are amazing and breath taking and one of the absolute best ways to experience it and enjoy it is by jumping from a plane and taking it all in from a birds eye perspective as you free fall.


Where to find clubs in Cape Town

There are several different sky diving companies and sky diving clubs throughout the country that could interest you. Some of these sky diving clubs are Parapax, Sky Dive Robertson Dropzone, Sky Dive Cape Town and Rush of Adrenaline.

When you are trying to choose which sky diving company to go for you should consider several things before making your decision.

You should firstly consider which club would interest you more. Find out which club has individuals that are in your age group and might share some interests with you. It is also a good idea to choose a sky diving club that is well-known and reputable. You should look for a company that you can rely on and that you will be sure has given you the right training.

Sky diving may be somewhat frightening and you may be a bit nervous about trying it but you should definitely give it a go if you can bring yourself to overcome your nerves. If you manage to sky dive, it will open your eyes to the possibility that you have the courage to do just about anything!


Other adrenaline pumping activities

There are many other extreme sports that you could try if you are interested in the adrenaline pumping qualities of extreme sports. There are several slightly less frightening extreme sports that you could try before you attempt sky diving.

These include snow boarding, skiing, ziplining, shark cage diving, mountain climbing, abseiling, bungee jumping and white water rafting. Try any of these first to get a feel for extreme sports. Once you have done sky diving and if you would like to try other extreme sports that are on that level, you could try bungee jumping or gorge swinging.